Monday, June 8, 2009

"Well, hello!" Weekend

This weekend I met lots of people and animals.

On Saturday, I went to an engagement cookout. Everyone was excited to see me. I got lots of pats and a select few even got to hold me. I met one dog and heard two dogs barking inside, but it didn't bother me whatsoever. The Lady gave me a little bit of strawberry and a little bit of pineapple. Yum!

On Saturday night, the Man's family stopped by. The Ladies liked me, but the Big Man just walked right on by. I liked rocking in the rocking chairs on the porch with the Big Lady and the Little Lady. They gave me kisses and stroked my chest and belly. Ahhhh... relaxing.

Late Sunday afternoon, I was watching Nascar with the Man when the doorbell rang. The Lady took my leash and we followed the Man to the door. She made me sit while two men came through the door. I sat quietly until one of them squatted down to my level and invited me over. M Man and C Man took turns holding me and petting me and generally loving on me until I just got too tired. It was a good tired, an "all tuckered out" tired, and I took a nice long nap.

When I woke up, the Lady took me over to the park. A whole bunch of little people asked permission to come see me. "Can I pet him?" they all asked. The Lady had me sit and they all came over. Who doesn't love a six or eight handed massage? I also met a nice man and his dog who has wheels in the back to help him move around. I barely noticed his wheels and walked right up to sniff him. He barked really loud and I ran behind the Lady's legs. She made me stand next to her and look at the dog from a distance. The nice man stood between his dog and me. Then he started petting me and even gave me one of the treats I could smell in his pocket!

All strangers are just friends you haven't made yet. That is the truth.

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