Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lady Leaves

Yesterday started out as any other. The Lady got up, brought me outside, played, and left me with the man while she worked in the Room Of Many Yummy Smells.

Then the Man left to "get my hair cut", whatever that means.

Soon after, the Lady put me in my crate. I heard her and could see her running in between the Nighttime Room and the Room of Running Water. I heard her grab her jingles and saw her Bag of Goodies in her hands.

She came and took me out of my crate and brought me to the P Place. I did what I do and she brought me back in, gave me water, and put me back in my crate. "Be good. I'll be back. The Man will be back soon, too." I cried and whined and barked, but out the back door she went anyway.

The Man did come back soon! I was ready to PLAY! Usually I am only with the man for an hour or so in the morning and a few hours at night. The Lady and I have our routines during the day. Being with the Man without the Lady was just too exciting for me.

We played, went outside, and he made me lunch. With the Lady, I usually play for a bit after lunch and then go in for a nap. Since the Man doesn't know all the fun things we do during the day, I was determined to show him. This left no time for napping.

I showed the Man all of the nooks and crannies of the park. I even shared where the best patches of clover are hidden. This meant we needed to go out many many times.

When we had exhausted all of the places i already know, the Man took me somewhere he knows where I had never been. We walked all the way down this secret path to ANOTHER PARK! After exploring, we turned back.

We visited with the upstairs neighbors on the porch for awhile.

By the end of the day, I could tell the Man was getting really tired and maybe even bored with me. So, I ran around in my room showing him tricks and getting him to play all the games i know how to play. I even showed him how, with a running start from my crate, I can jump up on the Cushy Place where they sometimes sit. That was his least favorite. "Down!" he said with force.

Then he got on the Ringy and I heard him say, "Have you left yet? Good! Get home... the sooner the better." Then he sat down in front of the computer.

I was pretty tired by now, too and out of ideas to keep the Man entertained. I sat at his feet. Eventually, he picked me up and let me cuddle in his lap.

Not too long after, the door opened. I heard the jinglies... The Lady had come back!!!!

The Man spun us around and I looked up at her with my big eyes, still and quiet in the Man's lap. She told him she got home as fast as she could, but in retrospect, 6 or 7 hours was probably too long to have left us alone together for the first time.

She put my on my leash while they talked some more. Then she and I went for a long walk "to drain any of his excess energy". "Thank you for everything. I know it isn't easy. Do whatever you would like to do. We will be back in an hour.", she said to the Man. Out the door we went.

When we came back, the Man had gone out. The Lady cuddled me and put me in my crate to sleep, but I was too excited about her being back. So, she brought me with her around the house while she did all of the things she needed to do. 4 hours, much playing, and 2 walks later, I went to sleep at 9:00 after sitting with the 2 of them on the front porch.

It is fun to be with the Man and the Lady separately, but I like it most when we are all together. That is the Truth.

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