Monday, June 1, 2009

Reunion and New Union

Yesterday the Lady and the Man took me to Paws in the Park, a fundraiser for Save A Dog. I got to see all the people who took care of me. Big thank you too all of them for keeping in touch through my blog! Binx and Puck, my brother and sister, were there. It was fun to play together again. I hope they each get a Man and a Lady of their very own soon! In all the time we spent at Paws in the Park, I didn't meet a dog or a person I did not like. We were so busy that the Lady did not get to take any pictures, but people took pictures of us. Save A Dog will have pictures up here.

When we got home, the Lady took pictures of me in my "Save a Dog Alumni" bandanna.

At home, I made a new friend. Larry the Loofa. We sleep together...

and play together.

Friends who play together, stay together. That is the truth.

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