Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bathtime and Banana

Yesterday the Lady gave me my second bath.

She took pictures of me wet and wrapped in a towel.

At first it was a bit embarrassing...

but I started to come around...

and finally looked at the camera.

I tried to tell her I take grass baths and sun baths which means I don't need a water bath, but she insisted. I really don't mind the water or the soapy massage or the towel. It is the thing that she blows hot air at me with that bothers me. She claims she doesn't want me to catch cold.

Anyway, for all the torture of bath photos and hot air blowing on me, I got a special treat. The Lady fed me banana! You can watch it on YouTube. Banana is delicious! The Lady got a little stern with me because I wasn't following directions, but I earned my banana. She says she is just trying to teach me discipline and help me learn the rules around here.

Baths, hot air blowers, and rules are all ways the Lady and the Man show me that they love me. That is the truth.

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