Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After a Bath

PupMom took this video of me after a bath a couple of weeks ago.

August 2nd

Bright... light... in... eyes...  OUCHIE!
No bright light. Ahhhh... much better
Back to resting.  I am still recovering from that crazy fun party yesterday!

August 1st - PupDad's 30th Birthday Surprise

Waiting for the subway.  We went into Boston so PupDad's parents could set up the party at our house.
Back home!  Surprise!  I barked a little at all those people, but soon settled down.
"Hey, PupDad, are you surprised?"
"I spy with my little eye something yellow, and my nose tells me its my Auntie Melissa!"
Greeting Angela
"Hmmm.. what's this?  Someone must have dropped it.  I'll just pick it up for them."
"You want me to wear what????"
"Oh, ok, it is your birthday. I'll wear it just for a second."
 PupDad is the spotlight, but he'll share it with me.
"PupMom, are you opening something yummy?"  "Just candles, Pierce."
Me and Baby Nicholas sitting with our dads
This is the life!  More parties, please!

July 2010

July 5th - East Boston with PupParents

July 31st -  Dog Park