Saturday, May 30, 2009

Speechless Saturday

Fabulous Friday

After a mostly sleepless night, I had a great day. The lady made sure I got lots of play time and exercise. She also let me roam more freely around the room while she worked. When she had other things to do, she took me out to do my business and then left me in my crate and I cried less and less each time.

Look at my new trick!

Yes, the Lady taught me to sit :-) Sitting is how I get permission to sit on laps, to play fetch, and more. Sit = Magic.

Then the Man came home. He brought me a rope toy AND a Bully Stick!

Bully Sticks are my favorite!

It's getting better all the time. That is the truth.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday - All My Troubles

Yesterday I decided I don't like my crate as much as I thought I did. The Lady practiced getting me comfortable in there. She told me to go in. When I went in I got a treat, but I was allowed to come out whenever I wanted. She would do this over and over and I would stay in longer and longer. Then she would close the door, go do what she needed to do, and come back.

Lat night, I didn't want to listen. I just want to sleep in her lap. When I was sleeping, she would put me in the crate. I would instantly wake up and come out. She did everything she could to make me comfortable. Towel over the top to make it more den-like. Toys in with me. Sitting on the couch and reading before leaving. The she started leaving for twenty minutes at a time and letting me cry. I would quiet for short periods, but always resumed crying. Even the Man came in to try his hand. This went on for four hours. 12:45 - 4:45.

In short, rough night = no blog post.

I'm still adorable though.

See my puffy foot pads?

See the white tip of my tail?

They are going to grow. I am going to grow. This is all going to get easier. That is the truth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's All Fun and Games 'til...

When the Lady brought me outside early this morning, there were drops falling from the sky. The drops reminded me of the sparkles in the corners of her eyes yesterday morning. I didn't like them. She told me it is called rain as she coaxed me down the stairs to the place. I did it and headed back into the house as quick as I could.

Aside from this rain thing, my life is basically fun and games. When I do my business outside, I get to walk around the outside perimeter of the house with the Lady. I smell flowers and trees. I lick all their different leaves. I lift my paw to point towards the flying things in case the Lady doesn't see them. "Oh, yes, the birds." she says.
I romp in my beloved Hostas.

Sometimes other people walk by and we say hello to them.

Inside, we play ball.
I sit in the Lady's lap & lay in my crate chewing the bone the Man gave me.

I rearrange the bedding in my crate and take long naps.

I like falling asleep in the Lady's lap first and then going in the crate.

Oh, and eating! I LOVE to eat. Listen to me eat breakfast!

After dinner tonight, I took an extra long nap. Fun and games make me sleepy. When I finally woke up, the Lady took me out to the place. I did my #1 business. When we came inside, she and I played ball. I had so much energy and was running all around the room with the ball. Sleeping means more energy for fun and games. After a few minutes of running around, I suddenly had to go out again. So, I brought the ball back to her and nipped at her sweatshirt. She threw the ball again. I hesitated, but couldn't resist going after it. I chased it to the corner of the room, turned in a circle and...

The Lady realized what was about to happen, ran over, picked me up, and brought me outside to the place. I sniffed and walked around, but I knew it was too late. She seemed confused, but brought me back inside anyway. As soon as she opened the door she knew she had been too late.

She put me in my crate with my bone while she picked it up. When she let me out, she whispered that she was sorry. She said it wasn't my fault. She told me she should not have played ball with me until all my business was done. She kissed and cuddled me. "I promise it won't happen again. There is always tomorrow." she said as she closed the crate door.

We all make mistakes. Admitting them and learning from them is what matters. That is the truth.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taming Wild Beasts

Today was my first morning with The Man and The Lady. I woke up so excited and ready to go! I just about bounced out of my crate! I wanted to play, but The Lady put on my leash and told me to "come". I wanted to stay here. What did she mean, "Come"? Where was she planning on taking me, too? Where ever it was I was not going without a fight. The Lady was not getting rid of me that easily.

To my surprise, she picked me up and carried me outside to the "Pee and Poop" place. I still thought the papers inside were fine. When she brought me back in, I used them. Then I crawled into her lap to let her know I belong here. I turned in a circle and was about to lay down when I saw it by the door. This big, fluffy, furry being unlike anything I had ever seen before. It certainly was not a dog. I growled my deepest growl to protect The Lady. To my surprise she greeted it and called it "Good kitty". Kitty, huh? I looked at The Lady. When I turned around, the kitty was gone.

After a quick petting, The Lady put me back in my crate. I heard her in the next room talking to The Man. The Lady did not sound like her joyful self. A few minutes later she was putting me back on the leash. The sparkles in her eyes had drifted to the inside corners. She didn't even try to get me to "Come"; just picked me up and carried me to the "pee and poop" spot. It was up to me to do something to bring her sparkles back and I did.

The Lady kept telling me what a good boy I am. She petted and rubbed and kissed me all the way up the steps, across the porch and into my room. She even let me sleep in her lap instead of putting me in the crate. While I was sleeping, the kitty came back. The lady seemed to like the kitty. I thought I'd try and make friends. I looked the kitty in the eye and bravely walked right up to it. "Swipe!" right across my face. I jumped back. The lady jumped, too. I tried to jump into her lap, but she made me stand up next to her while she pet me. "It's o.k., Iris. It's o.k., Pierce." was all she said.

All day the kitty walked in and out of my room. Once she came in and laid against the outside of The Lady's leg while I laid on the inside. I turned my head to look at her and she hissed at me. I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep. The lady loves both of us enough to let us sleep on her. It's the kitty's turn to try and make friends with me.

All day I did everything I could to keep the sparkle in the Lady's eye. I let the kitty walk around my room and even get in my empty crate to sniff. I played ball and brought it back to her every time. I stood still and let a man walking by and the mail man pet me. I went in the crate when she asked me to, but sometimes I came back out to cuddle in her lap. It is so much more comfy and I think she secretly likes it, too.

I played peek-a-boo in the Hostas.

Once I even went into the Hostas and came out with a fly I caught just for her.
I listened to her when she said come. Sometimes I needed a little help with the stairs, but she seemed to understand.

I went pee on the papers inside and poo on the papers outside twice. The outside ones seemed to make her happier and I got two treats for each of those. One time she even let me walk all the way around the house twice. Walking makes my ears extra perky and my tail curl up. It also makes The Lady proud of me.

When The Man came home, he hugged The Lady tight and told her he would play with me. I cried at the door for her at first, but then they started talking back and forth to each other through the door sort of like this morning, but a little different. I knew it was serious. The Man's lap is different, but I curled up in it anyway.

The Lady came back and told the man about the "pee and poo" place and when I ate and when I last used the place. "Thank you for everything. I love you." she said as she kissed The Man and "Be good!" she said to me before she disappeared. When she came home, she and I showed The Man how I "come" on the leash. She was smiling. He smiled when she smiled. "Wow!" was all he said. All night it was outside and then in my crate over and over. The Man told The Lady this would eventually work. I knew what they wanted me to do. So, I kept drinking water when they brought me back in and finally I did it outside. When I finished I started climbing the stairs, but stopped to let The Lady lead the way. Inside we started playing ball. Then I heard her say she hoped I'd do "the other one" outside, too. I started nipping at The Man's clothes. When he finally got up, I got to my leash that was on the floor behind him and sniffed and sniffed. Then I looked at the lady and nipped at her clothes, too. She put on my leash, we all went outside, I did it, and we came in. The lady praised me more, but I saw the smile spread across the man's face watching us together.

When the The Lady is happy The Man is happy. When they are happy I am happy. That is the truth.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Day

Today started out just like any other. I woke up with my litter mates in the big cage. Then the people came to feed us and we played and played outside. Just as I was about to curl up for a power nap, one of the people who takes care of me took me out of my cage and brought me into the big house. I'd never been in the big house before. This was out of the ordinary. I had a feeling something new and exciting was about to happen.

When we got in the house, the nice lady put a green piece of cloth around my neck. It was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't have too much time to think about that. I was distracted by three familiar voices in the next room. It was another nice lady who is always around and feeds me sometimes. The other two were The Man and The Lady who visited me yesterday. I let out a yelp to let them know I was in here. I wasn't going to let them leave without me again.

Everything happened so fast after that! The Lady held me. The Man had his arms full of food and other things for me. The nice ladies took our picture. Into the car we went! First stop, the store with all the wonderful smells and friendly people. Someone must have told The Man and The Lady that I like balls. They got me three squeaky balls. I know how to play that game!

We brought all of the things back into the car. I slept on The Lady all the way home. My new home is pretty great. There is a garden in the front with plants The Lady calls Hostas. I like to play peek-a-boo in the leaves. On the big porch are rocking chairs and The Lady let me continue my nap in her lap there while the upstairs neighbors oh'd and ah'd at me.

The Man came to tell us that the crate was ready. I learned quickly that the crate is where I sleep. It's my home base. My sweet spot. My pad. The soft towel in the crate matches my green collar. Stylin'.

The rest of the day was a blur. They tried to feed me, but I wasn't hungry. We went inside and outside a lot. They keep taking me to the same spot outside and telling me to "Pee and Poop", but I don't quite understand. I like the newspapers they put down in my room.

I showed them how to play ball! They squeaked and threw the ball and told me to bring it back. I didn't really need them to tell me that part, but I let them think they were teaching me something. I strut back to them with the ball in my mouth and dropped it at their feet to go again. We were all happy.

Not such an ordinary day after all and that is the truth.

Introducing Pierce the Puppy

My name is Alex and my husband and I just adopted a ten week old terrier mix puppy. We named him Pierce after Paul Pierce who is "The Captain and The Truth" of the Boston Celtics. This is Pierce's blog. After this post, you will only hear from him. He is the Captain of this blog and he tells nothing but the Truth.

Without further adieu, for your viewing and doggy blog reading pleasure...
Piiiieeerrrccce the Puppyyyyyyy!!!!!!