Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Man and Me

I am the Man's first dog. The Man is my first master. So, getting to know each other is taking time.

The Lady loves me, but she is also the task master. She keeps us on schedule. When the Man gets home, I know the fun is about to begin.

Yesterday, the Man took me across the street to explore the school lawn.

At the park, we went for a run. The Lady took video, but she said the Man's name and therefore can't share it here. This is us resting:

Next, we played ball.

Our cool down was a leisurely walk back home. The Lady is usually all business, keeping my head up and my focus on our walk. The Man is more willing to let me stop and smell the flowers.

It's important to always fit some fun into your day. That is the truth.

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