Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's All Fun and Games 'til...

When the Lady brought me outside early this morning, there were drops falling from the sky. The drops reminded me of the sparkles in the corners of her eyes yesterday morning. I didn't like them. She told me it is called rain as she coaxed me down the stairs to the place. I did it and headed back into the house as quick as I could.

Aside from this rain thing, my life is basically fun and games. When I do my business outside, I get to walk around the outside perimeter of the house with the Lady. I smell flowers and trees. I lick all their different leaves. I lift my paw to point towards the flying things in case the Lady doesn't see them. "Oh, yes, the birds." she says.
I romp in my beloved Hostas.

Sometimes other people walk by and we say hello to them.

Inside, we play ball.
I sit in the Lady's lap & lay in my crate chewing the bone the Man gave me.

I rearrange the bedding in my crate and take long naps.

I like falling asleep in the Lady's lap first and then going in the crate.

Oh, and eating! I LOVE to eat. Listen to me eat breakfast!

After dinner tonight, I took an extra long nap. Fun and games make me sleepy. When I finally woke up, the Lady took me out to the place. I did my #1 business. When we came inside, she and I played ball. I had so much energy and was running all around the room with the ball. Sleeping means more energy for fun and games. After a few minutes of running around, I suddenly had to go out again. So, I brought the ball back to her and nipped at her sweatshirt. She threw the ball again. I hesitated, but couldn't resist going after it. I chased it to the corner of the room, turned in a circle and...

The Lady realized what was about to happen, ran over, picked me up, and brought me outside to the place. I sniffed and walked around, but I knew it was too late. She seemed confused, but brought me back inside anyway. As soon as she opened the door she knew she had been too late.

She put me in my crate with my bone while she picked it up. When she let me out, she whispered that she was sorry. She said it wasn't my fault. She told me she should not have played ball with me until all my business was done. She kissed and cuddled me. "I promise it won't happen again. There is always tomorrow." she said as she closed the crate door.

We all make mistakes. Admitting them and learning from them is what matters. That is the truth.

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