Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Day

Today started out just like any other. I woke up with my litter mates in the big cage. Then the people came to feed us and we played and played outside. Just as I was about to curl up for a power nap, one of the people who takes care of me took me out of my cage and brought me into the big house. I'd never been in the big house before. This was out of the ordinary. I had a feeling something new and exciting was about to happen.

When we got in the house, the nice lady put a green piece of cloth around my neck. It was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't have too much time to think about that. I was distracted by three familiar voices in the next room. It was another nice lady who is always around and feeds me sometimes. The other two were The Man and The Lady who visited me yesterday. I let out a yelp to let them know I was in here. I wasn't going to let them leave without me again.

Everything happened so fast after that! The Lady held me. The Man had his arms full of food and other things for me. The nice ladies took our picture. Into the car we went! First stop, the store with all the wonderful smells and friendly people. Someone must have told The Man and The Lady that I like balls. They got me three squeaky balls. I know how to play that game!

We brought all of the things back into the car. I slept on The Lady all the way home. My new home is pretty great. There is a garden in the front with plants The Lady calls Hostas. I like to play peek-a-boo in the leaves. On the big porch are rocking chairs and The Lady let me continue my nap in her lap there while the upstairs neighbors oh'd and ah'd at me.

The Man came to tell us that the crate was ready. I learned quickly that the crate is where I sleep. It's my home base. My sweet spot. My pad. The soft towel in the crate matches my green collar. Stylin'.

The rest of the day was a blur. They tried to feed me, but I wasn't hungry. We went inside and outside a lot. They keep taking me to the same spot outside and telling me to "Pee and Poop", but I don't quite understand. I like the newspapers they put down in my room.

I showed them how to play ball! They squeaked and threw the ball and told me to bring it back. I didn't really need them to tell me that part, but I let them think they were teaching me something. I strut back to them with the ball in my mouth and dropped it at their feet to go again. We were all happy.

Not such an ordinary day after all and that is the truth.

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  1. Pierce is a beautiful puppy! I feel warm and fuzzy inside now after reading about Pierce's first day at home. Congratulations all three of you!


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