Monday, May 24, 2010

Paws in the Park - May 23, 2010

 Last Year I was just a wee bit of a thing.

This Year - Full Grown

I had a grand old time and made lots of friends at Paws in the Park this year!

Jill leading a group walk. I was the 1st across the finish lineJust sayin'...

Making new friends.

All Smiles.

I even met a dog named Paloma who could be my twin. Hint: I'm in the green bandanna.

We even both have white "wings" on our shoulder blades, a white spot on the forehead, bum dimples, softer fur on the ears than the body...  My doppleganger! 

Couldn't end this post without a picture of me and my Pup Dad.

Mom couldn't let me end this post without a picture of what I did after Paws in the Park.

Thank you, Save A Dog, for helping me find my forever family and for putting on such a barking-good event every year!

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